SAIGON & DEP (Beautiful )

I would like to introduce you to my friend Đẹp, witch means Beauty. A victim of an acid attack at the age of 17. She will be 21 this year and now she can have surgery. I made a promise to her in 2019 that I would do everything to get the medical surgery to help her. My friend Phuoc à leading Vietnamese photographer and I will be starting a fund raising soon. I tried to get Dep her surgery in 2919 and she was to young to have surgery here in Canada. Now that she will be 21 we can go ahead with the surgery. We are presently looking for a known plastic surgeon that would be willing to take on this project. This young lady deserves a chance at living a normal life. Once we have all the cost in place we will start our fund raising. The tears and physical suffering that Dep has experiened is beyond pain. Her strong will and having a friend like Phuoc will make possible for Dep to have a chance at life. A Chef in the making. Art Gallery 2020 will be donating 10% of all sales to the fund raising, until we reach our financial goal.

 The bright step of her life is coming..

Nguy Nguyễnn Th Thị Ng ọcc Đẹpc is the girl with acidosis in 2017-one of the characters in the Astronomical Project to take my acidic women.

After 2 years of studying in kitchen at Andre Maisen School, Beauty has left to work in a European restaurant, District 2 with the position and worthy income of a professionally trained professionally Karma.

P / s: Story now told: Before going to Maisen School, I put Beautiful in the kitchen at my restaurant, but right after that Beautiful was taken out of the kitchen and created by the Chef herself much pressure on the management! Unfortunately, this restaurant I'm short on another shareholder so all the staffing issues have made me difficult to help her integrate with society and especially the kitchen industry...

And then I brought Beautiful to Andre Mai Sen School, Beautiful has been opened by the school and the Fathers in Donbosco line with loving arms.. However with the will of determination now Beautiful is gradually maturing in the field cuisine and objective aimed at Dep is a ' Masterchef ' ' of Nam's Flash...

Congratulations Beautiful! and I won't let you stop. 

You can read the whole story about Dep (Beauty )

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